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Initial costs

In case you already own existing water meters ready for remote reading (marked SA-E or TA-E), no water meters need to be replaced (enter 0).

Validation water meter is usually placed right after the main billing water meter in the building. It allows to measure accuracy of the billing water meter as well as identify water leaks and possible frauds before unit water meters.

One transmitter can be used for two water meters (eg. for hot and cold water) if the distance between them is not more than 80 cm. Validation water meter also requires a transmitter. The life time of AA battery inside the transmitter is 5 years and it is replaceable. The transmitter itself is guaranteed to last 10 years.

One homebase can collect data from hundreds of transmitters in the range (usually 2 floors in any direction, it means 5 floors in total).

Operation costs

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