Smart Water Meters

that finally make sense in every apartment

Smart water meters existed for years but they were too expansive and complicated from technical, user and commercial perspective.

New convenient and affordable solution by BONEGA

  • Significantly lower initial and operational costs allow to place the water meter in every apartment.
  • Transmission interval of every 5 minutes opens up possibilities for instant alarms and detailed consumption reports.
  • The tenants can see the price of consumed water for every shower, bath, car washing etc., which provably incentivises savings.
  • The web application design is intuitive and understandable even for laypersons and works both on computers and phones.
  • If available, existing internet connection in the building can be used which makes the operation costs very low.
  • The system consists only of water meters with transmitters and a homebase. No other devices or sensors are needed.
  • The installation does not require any configuration. It is a mere replacement of water-meters, which every plumber can manage.
  • Simple and transparent commercial conditions without any complicated administrative fees.

Note: The system is designed for utilities, property managers, housing cooperatives as well as tenants.

Why to measure water online?

Instant detection of water leaks

An interactive visualization helps you to immediately pinpoint the source of a water leak in all buildings and apartments you manage. You can identify technical issues in the plumbing (eg. faulty lever mixer), flooding risk, forgotten open valves and fraud attempts. Email notifications can be set up for all these events.

Detailed history of water consumption

All historical data are stored on secure servers. This allows to bill a tenant for water consumption for any time period. Annotations can be also added to any value in the charts eg. for when tenants change.

App for tenants

The administrators can invite tenants to the Water Admin app. They can then monitor their water consumption, set up alerts and more. Both on their computers and phones.

Real-time cost estimates

Water consumption costs are re-calculated every 5 minutes. Cost of every bath, car wash or a shower is therefore immediately visible which increases motivation for saving water.

Resolving conflicts with tenants

The administrators have access to detailed water consumption data even without entering an apartment. This can be used for resolving conflicts with problematic tenants.

Saving water in common areas

There is usually a huge opportunity for savings in common areas. Forgotten open valves in a kitchen or a shower can be identified and closed immediately.

Measuring water consumption in inaccessible areas

Smart water meters allow you to calculate water bills even for abandoned or unused apartments.

Data available via REST API or downloadable in CSV

We believe that all data is yours. That's why we make it easy to use it in other programs.

Smart water valve

A smart water valve can be connected to BONEGA water meter. It automatically closes when a water leak or other emergency is detected (even without internet connection).

Custom domain for the web app

Water Admin web app can be set up on a custom domain with a logo of your organization.



"After having installed this measurement system, we have reduced the costs for water supply by 30% in average and we have streamlined the maintenance and possible repairs for all buildings."
Michal Zelinka, Business Centre, Czech Republic
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How it works

  1. A smart water meter generates magnetic pulses that are sent through a wire to a radio transmitters. There is 1 transmitter for 2 water meters.
  2. A radio transmitter sends the data via radio every 5-20 minutes depending on the level of purchased services.
  3. A homebase collects data from dozens of transmitters in range and sends them to our secure servers. It can be connected to an existing internet connection in the building or a GSM modem can be used. The GSM modem contains a SIM card with a cheap internet connection that works in all EU countries with all mobile operators that have 2G/3G coverage in a given location.
  4. All charts, alarms and other features are available for administrators and tenants in an web app at Data is also downloadable in CSV or accessible via REST API.
  5. A smart water valve can be optionally connected to any water meter. The valve automatically closes the water when an emergency is detected (even without internet connection).

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