The homebase is to receive wireless information from up to 1800 transmitters. It operates approx. 5 floors upstairs and downstairs, and within the same distance to the sides (i.e. one for more block units). Then it transmits the data via the LAN Internet network to secure servers. The data are then available for the users in application www.wateradmin.com including charts, alarms, etc.

  • The homebase is plugged in a common socket for 230 V, and simultaneously to the LAN network
  • The operation is energy-efficient (consumption lower than 2W).
  • While being installed, the homebases do not require any configuration. After having been plugged in, the homebase is put into operation automatically.
  • In local networks, the homebases can be recognised using hostname in the form EWG and first 6 digits from their serial number.

Technical Parameters

Parameter Value
Dimensions 110 x 80 x 26 mm (without antenna)
Weight 128 g
Protection IP 20
Temperature 0-60 °C
Humidity < 80% RH without condensation
Supply 5 VDC (USB-B)
Consumption < 2 W