Unit water meters with remote reading

Sub-meters, often colloquially called flat water-meters, are used to measure the water consumption and to divide it proportionally among several consumers. They are usually used in buildings with a higher number of independent units (apartment houses, offices, hotel rooms etc.).

For remote reading, the BONEGA water-meters are equipped with an option to insert a sensor of rotating movement into them (in the form of pulses that correspond to the consumption beginning with 0,5 litre). The water-meters are owned by owners of flats, houses, by caretakers etc.

The sub-meters are part of existing water piping, especially in flats. Their usual installation length amounts to 110 mm (exceptionally 80 or 130 mm). All cold-water and warm-water water-meters must be replaced in flats after 5 years of operation (despite the producer).

If the users have already installed the BONEGA water-meters, type SA-E and TA-E, the only thing they have to do is to place sensors with a transmitter on the water-meter, without having to replace the water-meter itself.

For the case of possible catastrophic scenarios (e.g. solar storm etc.), the BONEGA smart water-meters for remote reading are equipped with a drum counter for visual physical check.