Radio transmitters

Transmitters are radio devices which collect, via cable, information on water flow-rate (even the backflow-rate) from one or two water-meters simultaneously, and which also register possible undesirable attempts to influence the water-meters by the outside magnetic field. The transmitter processes the information, adding other data to it, such as own identity, battery condition, or a notification of attempted influencing, etc. Then it transmits these information in a radio (wireless) way. These data are “awaited” by subsequent homebases.

The BONEGA transmitters are constructed and patent-protected to allow one transmitter to operate two water-meters simultaneously, whereby the transmitter is intentionally placed outside the water-meter.

The option to link the water-meter and the transmitter by a cable, and not as two parts of one construction is intentional. Such solution brings several advantages in practice. On the one hand, there does not have to be sufficient space near the water-meter, and it is also possible to find a better installation and transmission position on the other hand. The conductor connecting the sensor with the transmitter is 50 cm long, as a standard, which makes it possible to place the water-meters up to 100 cm from each other. Upon requirement, it is possible to deliver conductors up to 200 cm long.

Batteries in the transmitter are replaceable (under a sealing cover), which makes it possible to use the same transmitter even for several cycles after which the water-meter must be replaced (1 cycle = years).

Upon the installation, the transmitters do not require any configuration (they are automatically put into operation after several litres of water flow through them). Web application warns, automatically and in advance, about the impending end of battery capacity.

Note: The BONEGA transmitters for data collection on the spot, supplied previously, are not compatible for the on-line data collection. For on-line collection, it is necessary to use the transmitters of ONL series, which are able to register the backflow and the attempted affecting by an outside magnet, and which have a longer transmission range and their battery can be replaced, whereby a higher operational lifetime can be reached, etc.