How to set-up alarms

To avoid permanent manual checks of water leaks, the application Smart Water-Meters allows us to set-up alarms. Czech insurance companies record about 100 000 “flooded flats” in a year. Not only have these accidents had significant financial impacts. Sometimes even greater problems are caused by long-term water leaks from leaky safety valves when drain hoses are connected directly to drain pipes, or by leaky filling and discharge valves in toilets, unclosed valves in common rooms (showers, laundry rooms) etc.   The application Smart Water-Meters makes it possible to set up several types of alarms:

  1. Suspicious deviation in consumption - it is evaluated automatically according to historical water consumption in a particular building, flat or water-meter (as to where we are setting up the alarm). It is advantageous mainly in the beginning, when you do not know the values according to which you shall set up particular alarms.
  2. Consumption during the last hour higher/lower than X litres - it is used to draw attention to a very high consumption, whatever cause it has (even e.g. just non-economical use of water).
  3. Current flow rate higher/lower than X litres per hour - it warns about broken pipeline
  4. Total water consumption higher/lower than X litres within a given timescale - this will help you to detect small water leaks, e.g. from leaky valves in toilets at night
  5. Uninterrupted flow rate exceeding the volume of X litres - it warns e.g. in the case of an unclosed valve or a bathtub filling (X litres = bathtub volume)

If the set-up limits are exceeded, the application generates an alarm that is sent to the chosen email address. Please, be aware of the version with water consumption lower than the required limit. This choice is suitable for the plants where various equipment and devices have to be cooled with water, and a drop in water consumption is undesirable.

Note: Following the above-mentioned alarms, the BONEGA Company prepares battery-operated closing valves, which, upon an alarm, will be able to close the water supply automatically. It will be possible to control the closing valves even by hand directly from the application running on a computer or telephone.