Basic info

The implementation process

  1. The customer requests a quote via online form or other means of contact.
  2. BONEGA prepares a detailed offer and clarify all technical and business questions with the customer.
  3. After the payment, all devices are shipped to the customer or a contractor who will be responsible for the installation. Installation is not included in our services but it is a mere water meter replacement that can be handled by any plumber.
  4. Customer appoints a person to create and manage an administrator account at Serial numbers of all transmitters and homebases must be entered into the app by the administrator.
  5. The administrator can also invite the tenants into WaterAdmin app, who can then monitor their consumption or set up custom alarms.

Technical solution

  1. A smart water meter generates magnetic pulses that are sent through a wire to a radio transmitters. There is 1 transmitter for 2 water meters.
  2. A radio transmitter sends the data via radio every 5-20 minutes depending on the level of purchased services.
  3. A homebase collects data from dozens of transmitters in range and sends them to our secure servers. It can be connected to an existing internet connection in the building or a GSM modem can be used. The GSM modem contains a SIM card with a cheap internet connection that works in all EU countries with all mobile operators that have 2G/3G coverage in a given location.
  4. All charts, alarms and other features are available for administrators and tenants in an web app at Data is also downloadable in CSV or accessible via REST API.
  5. A smart water valve can be optionally connected to any water meter. The valve automatically closes the water when an emergency is detected (even without internet connection).